Mike deSantis:  SkiMD Founder & Owner

Mike deSantis founded, owns and operates SkiMD. His experience is unsurpassed at the retail level, allowing the beginner through expert, or racing participant, access to factory level service. His 25 years of continual development has created an ideal refinishing system that works for everyone. While at Volkl, Mike was overwhelmed with the negative feedback on the company website from consumers with regard to their first “shop stonegrind.” The retail effort back then and now continue to be apathetic regarding the proper restoration and installation of tuning parameters. Realizing the need for someone in the ski service industry who could consistently deliver the proper finish to shaped skis and snowboards is what prompted Mike to leave Volkl and develop the SkiMD Refinishing System. Mike’s extensive industry background, combined with 51 years in the sport of skiing, are instrumental to his success.

- Graduate Stratton Mountain Ski Academy - 1979 - NCAA competitor UVM Ski Team
- Physical Education Degree UVM - 1984
- 7 years World Cup Technician/WC Race Director for Volkl
- 4 years Product Development Manager for Volkl
- Member Volkl International Test Team
- Lifetime Achievement Award for excellence in the fields of World Cup Service and Product Development for Volkl Skis
- Technical service consultant for Volkl, Blizzard, Dynastar and Elan skis

​Mike created his own proprietary finishes for top athletes such as Hilary Lindh, the '97 DH World Champion. Kate Pace, the '93 DH World Champion. Katja Seizinger, the overall World Cup women’s downhill winner many seasons over. Other athletes include Picabo Street, Kristina Koznick, Heidi Voelker, and former U.S. Snowboarding Team athlete Rosy Fletcher, Olympic Bronze medalist. Working in tandem with Volkl Germany, allowed Mike access to some of the very best factory technicians in the world. Combined with his deep factory knowledge of ski design and construction, the foundation was built to create a system that has demonstrated a broad level of success. This is what truly differentiates SkiMD from all the rest.

Who We Are

At SkiMD, we know that the reality is that shaped ski technology REQUIRES more precise edge angle management for proper function and safety, period. SkiMD is where the finest old world European craftsmanship meets new school technology. This allows all skiers and racers to enjoy a tuning experience usually reserved for the elite skier. The simple fact is that EVERYONE deserves the same high quality service regardless of their ability. It is a critical variable that stands in the way of progress more than the average skier/racer realizes. SkiMD's unique blend of experience spanning the last three decades is what differentiates the SkiMD Refinishing System from all the rest! See what everyone's talking about. There's absolutely nothing to lose! In fact, without a refinish the only thing you'll lose is a great day on the slopes.

Mike is THE only proven World Cup winning technician on the East Coast. This fact is easily documented, and Mike's depth is unmatched. All racers from Masters to FIS level on down, look no further than SkiMD for true "race room quality" work. Based on experience AND success at the World Cup level, is what makes SkiMD the #1 choice in the country for this highly specialized service.

Being located together with Summit Ski and Snowboard just 20 minutes west of Boston, is where people "live" that go skiing. Taking care of your product where you live as opposed to where you go, allows SkiMD the proper time frame to provide its customers with a unique personal experience and attention to detail simply not found at mountain shops! Driving all the way up North doesn't make sense anymore when you can get the best service in the country in your own backyard.

SkiMD is also conveniently available at the national level with a user friendly mail order service with a personal touch. Just call the number at the bottom of the page, and use PayPal!​

Remember that a SkiMD refinish fully revitalizes your existing equipment so it will perform better than when you originally purchased it! A SkiMD Factory Fresh refinish for $95.00 is not much more than the average cost of a lift ticket. WHAT'S THE POINT OF PURCHASING A LIFT TICKET IF YOUR SKIS DON'T PERFORM! GET IT TOGETHER! A lift ticket lasts only one day, while a SkiMD Factory Fresh refinish with proper home maintenance can last up to a
whole season.