SkiMD highly recommends only utilizing Grind Maintenance for skis that have little damage and are considered "tolerant" regarding base edge bevel.

This is not your average ski tune/stone grind! It is strictly FACTORY SERVICE!

Verified and guaranteed.​

SkiMD reserves the right to refuse any equipment that has been overtly neglected or abnormally rusted. Rusted skis that are acceptable are only eligible for a full refinish. SkiMD does not perform a "rust busting" service, otherwise known as a "rip off."

SkiMD Guarantee:

SkiMD wants to present everyone with a "no lose" proposition. We are so sure you will be thrilled at your refinish investment; if for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service we reserve the right to fix any problems free of charge. If we are not able to solve the problem at that point, you will receive a full refund.

SkiMD Junior Maintenance: $30.00

Includes Scothchbrite tuning belt, side edge grind sharpening, and Waxjet Hot Wax finish. 

SkiMD Race Ski / Snowboard Maintenance: $50.00 / $45.00

Maintains skis/snowboards existing base edge angle. Scotchbrite tuning belt, sidewall/side edge are hand shaped and relieved, combined with

multiple Ceramic Disc side edge passes. Final hand-deburring, and Waxjet Race Wax finish. 

SkiMD Liquid Hot Box Base Prep: $30.00/PR

Post grind base treatment utilizing a special seating oil that deeply penetrates the base without the use of heat! Provides amazing wax to base bonding and retention, without the possibility of damaging the internals of the ski through longterm heat exposure. This has an over night curing process to insure maximum penetration.  Simply optimal for race ski application!

​SkiMD Grind Maintenance: $40.00

Maintains skis existing base edge angle, utilizing the Scotchbrite tuning belt. Side edge shaping and grinding, ceramic disc edge finish, WaxJet hot wax finish.

SkiMD WC Race Prep Finish: $140.00 SL or GS / $150.00 SG or DH

Specialized "Hyperglide" technical and speed ski base strucures that have actually "won" World Cups, World Championships, and Olympic Medals!

Designed to restore or prepare new race skis to perform to maximum potential, includes all base work, Ceramic Disc Race Edge set, Waxjet Race Wax finish. Complete with a new set of ski straps to protect your base structure! 

SkiMD Hyperglide Structure Series: $115.00

Signature "Lightning" base structuring derived from years of World Cup experience, designed to enhance the overall glide of your skis in all conditions, includes all base work, Ceramic Disc Edge set, and Waxjet Hot Wax finish. Complete with a set of new ski straps for base protection.

SkiMD Factory Fresh Finish: $95.00

Restores skis with a "Fine" base structure, beyond factory specifications. Includes all base work, Ceramic Disc Edge set and Waxjet Hot Wax finish. Complete with a set of new ski straps for base protection.  

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