"Mike deSantis is, hands down, the foremost expert on ski preparation that I have encountered in 15 years in the ski hard goods industry.

His approach to tuning skis makes the skis AND the skier perform better."

- Geoff Curtis

VP/Marketing Marker-Völkl USA

​iNTELLIGENT  ski & ski racing service




We believe in cutting edge tuning technology so you ​CAN  feel the difference!


Intelligent Ski & Ski Racing Service

M,W,Th,F 10:00am-7:00pm, Tue 10:00am-6:00pm, SAT 10am-6pm, SUN 12pm-5pm

SkiMD® formerly located at Summit Ski and Snowboard, has moved East from Framingham to Natick, and has now opened our own storefront!

We are conveniently located right next door to Landrys Bicycles, simply one of the premier bike shops in New England. We feel this creates an ideal opportunity to combine two premium services in one great location, as ski service and bike service go hand in hand! Easy in and easy out as we're located right next to Rt 27, so no matter what direction you're traveling from finding us is a breeze. We feel that moving East of Framingham creates a better connection to our metro Boston customer, saving you lots of time on traveling and traffic!

SkiMD's Extreme Value Proposition

​Chances are that if you've purchased a new pair of skis over the last 10 years, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find a way to restore them to their original performance. Loved 'em then, but not so much now? A SkiMD Factory Fresh Finish is all you need to bring those skis back to a level of performance that never existed even when they were brand new!!

SkiMD is the perfect service stop between major ski and boot purchases. Whether purchased online or from a ski shop, we make sure your equipment delivers that "like new" feeling over the entire service life of the skis! SkiMD now also provides state of the art binding services utilizing Wintersteiger Safetronic Technology.


At SkiMD we don't focus on selling skis, we focus strictly on selling better skiing! No more hassling with a ski shop employee to communicate exactly what you expect from your equipment, just straight talk with honest answers to your questions.

​Think about it: skiing is an expensive sport, and its enjoyment is directly related to your skis and their ability to function properly at your command. 

*Remember, it's not about the type of machine being used, it's about the knowledge of ski dynamics, and understanding how the machinery can positively or negatively affect a skis intended performance. This knowledge and skill is anything but common in today's ski service industry, and necessitates the need for true specialists. This is our hallmark, so why trust the average ski shop employee to have the knowledge to create a ski tune that's guaranteed to be as high performing as it is forgiving?!

All skis that are set up at SkiMD are guaranteed to deliver optimal performance, fun, and safety throughout their entire service life!

SkiMD's 30 years of ski and ski racing service provide an unmatched level of experience guaranteed to ensure your best ski day ever!

​​Custom Boot Fitting Services

​SkiMD is proud to introduce their new boot fitting service Boot Mechanix, owned and operated by Tim Mitchell. Now all types, from top racers to recreational skiers looking for optimal fit and performance, need look no further! We now are able to offer our customers a bespoke one stop service shop, and can get you dialed in head to toe with your gear for your best season ever! Feet hurt? Race boots need to be cut and fit? We've got you covered, with 20+ years of ski racing experience, combined with an extensive background in exercise physiology and biomechanics, Tim will provide you with the perfect fit and stance to help you get the most out of your boots! Finally a local boot technician you can trust! Tim works conveniently by appointment, and can be reached at 508-733-7433, or at bootfitting4u@gmail.com.

Race Skis / Recreational Skis / New or Old

​A proprietary SkiMD Refinish instantly brings more value to your skis and slope time regardless of your usage category, it doesn't matter if your skis are old or new. SkiMD's processes are founded on strict factory protocols, to ensure that EVERY SKI ​is produced with the highest level of consistency and quality.

​If your goal is to access the best possible skiing experience from your equipment, look no further than SkiMD for the very best in specialty ski services!  Feel free to call the number below to set up a time or come in to discuss how we can create a refinish and custom boot fit that will take you to your best season ever!

Continue to look through our website to find out more reasons why; if you have not ever experienced a refinish at SkiMD, you are missing the key to unlocking all of your product's potential to make you a better, more confident skier, or racer, regardless of your ability! 

With SkiMD. . . You can feel the difference!